At Fitness Lab, we specialize in training the body through a variety of training methods and techniques:
    From kettle bells, slide boards and battling ropes, the sessions are a combination or aerobic, power and core specific exercises guaranteed to test your physical capabilities. With no two sessions being the same, the body (and mind) is always challenged with getting results our primary objective!
    Fitness Lab offers two forms of training: Group (no more than 6 people) or 1-1 for more tailored sessions.
    We also encourage clients to be assessed on a regular basis so as to monitor their performance Assessments are completed with the use of a Futrex body composition analyser which measures:
  • Body Fat % (essential, reserve and excess)
  • Hydration levels
  • Lean body mass
  • Blood pressure
  • -You can’t manage what you don’t measure-